A Beautiful Testimonial

Beautiful testimonials sometimes come my way entirely by accident. Sometimes I simply show up in the right place at the right time and happen to ask the right questions. I didn’t even mean to do it. We weren’t having an organizing session and she isn’t even my client…anymore (she employs me to teach yoga so […]

Organized Office Space

“I don’t even know where to start!” is the exasperated cry of quite nearly every client. This lovely office space had become “the room of requirement” for things that couldn’t immediately be assigned a home. Clutter = decisions deferred. It really is that simple but also yes, that daunting. This project took only 2.5 hours. […]

In Transition to a Clutter-Free Existence: Part 1

Do you want to be one of those people who walk around like they’ve got everything together? Do you feel like your untidiness and disorganization is soiling over into other areas of your life like work and relationships? Ask yourself, what is one trait that successful and carefree people have that you admire? The answer […]

Are Your Shopping Habits Creating Clutter?

If you often find yourself shopping to fill a void in your life or because it’s a habit you can’t seem to shake, it’s time for you to consider how much it affects your ability to organize your home. Many people who shop for similar reasons often feel depressed or shamed and use shopping as […]

After Christmas Cleanup

The gifts are all unwrapped, your living room is full of wrapping paper and now you have to figure out where to put everything you’ve received. Before you toss everything into the trash and a corner somewhere, use these tips to keep everything neat and tidy. No matter how pretty the wrapping paper is, toss […]

4 Ways to Boost Productivity

If you find yourself falling short in your work goals, you may not be as efficient as your time as you’d like. There is an art to being productivity and either you know what it takes to get things done in a fast and efficient manner or you don’t. To gain an edge so you […]

It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Clutter

With everything that going on around you, staying clutter-free can be a challenge. It doesn’t matter how often you clean your home or office, you may occasionally have trouble saying goodbye to certain unnecessary items. Believe it or not, many people experience nostalgia when they get ready to get rid of certain items. This can […]