A Beautiful Testimonial

Beautiful testimonials sometimes come my way entirely by accident.

Sometimes I simply show up in the right place at the right time and happen to ask the right questions.

I didn’t even mean to do it. We weren’t having an organizing session and she isn’t even my client…anymore (she employs me to teach yoga so she’s got a new organizer now who I looove).

I was sitting in her office talking class lists, monthly themes,  stuff I’ll need to help me teach the yogas to her kiddos.

She started digging around in her middle desk drawer.

I laugh.

I already know she hoards super sentimental stuff in there and I mostly know because she complains to me about it in a sort of subliminal way. She never comes out and directly complains about it but when you’re with a friend you just know. You know?

So I start asking her about *it* and she starts talking about *it.*

The thing I’ve learned in life and that’s been a powerful tool in my organizing case is to tune in when people start talking “vague.” You know what I mean….like when your LGBT friend starts playing the pronoun game or your partner says they don’t know what they spent money on or your kid can’t exactly explain how the argument with her friend went down.

My radar goes up immediately. I know something is up and I know it is time to start asking questions.

So I start in…asking….what’s this *it* she’s talking about?

It gets emotional…FAST and I start to feel bad because I’ve clearly hit a nerve and she’s NOT happy.

And the talking about *it* is a little on the rambling side…something about her family…growing up… money…lack of money…her kids…her mom…solitude.

I back off in a way I might not do with a regular client because this woman is my friend and she employs me and I love our relationship…so I don’t push.

But later, I get a text with a picture of her drawer all cleaned out and this absolutely beautiful text that I share here with her permission:

“I did it!

Thank you for being my therapist and giving me the nudge I needed to do this. <3

I know what it is now. I can move on now. I’ve been an orphan for half of my life. I am also an only child. There is no-one left that knows my story but me. Sure I’ve written chapters with my crew, but no-one left to share before their birth or our marriage with. For years I’ve been holding my story closely. Desperately not wanting to forget one moment with my mom or my papa and somehow my children got caught up in all of that. Our stories became intertwined and I never wanted to forget a day with them either. I hope you realize how thankful I am for the advice and how grateful I am for the guidance and the time you have to me today. Thank you Desiree”

I must admit, after being so afraid that I’d hurt my friend, this gorgeous message brought me to tears.

She also sent this picture of her freshly organized drawer.

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