Junk Mail Elimination, Part 5: Direct Mail and Beyond

If you need to catch up: Part 1 Why are we doing this? Part 2 Credit Card & Insurance Offers Part 3 Weekly Grocery Flyers Part 4 Catalogs Cancelled   It will be several weeks before you see a dramatic decrease in your junk mail. For example, when I removed our names from the grocery circular […]

Junk Mail Elimination, Part 3: Bye-bye Weekly Shopping Flyers

Need to catch up? Part 1 Why are we doing this? Part 2 Credit Card & Insurance Offers Okay…so let’s get on with it, shall we? Weekly shopping flyers, dude. These little buggers are the bain of my existence. Fine, that’s some drama talk right there but OMG, they so rarely send me a coupon or […]

Junk Mail Elimination, Part 2: Credit Card Offers

If you missed Part 1, start here. Hopefully, you’ve been a dutiful little Junk Mail Collector over and you now have about a month of mail gathered up to review. Part 2 is totally the most important step on your path to Junk Mail Freedom because it also protects you from identity theft (bonus!). Once […]

Organized Office Space

“I don’t even know where to start!” is the exasperated cry of quite nearly every client. This lovely office space had become “the room of requirement” for things that couldn’t immediately be assigned a home. Clutter = decisions deferred. It really is that simple but also yes, that daunting. This project took only 2.5 hours. […]

In Transition to a Clutter-Free Existence: Part 1

Do you want to be one of those people who walk around like they’ve got everything together? Do you feel like your untidiness and disorganization is soiling over into other areas of your life like work and relationships? Ask yourself, what is one trait that successful and carefree people have that you admire? The answer […]

Are Your Shopping Habits Creating Clutter?

If you often find yourself shopping to fill a void in your life or because it’s a habit you can’t seem to shake, it’s time for you to consider how much it affects your ability to organize your home. Many people who shop for similar reasons often feel depressed or shamed and use shopping as […]