Get Organized to Change Your Life


When it comes to tidying things up, do you pick things up and put them where they belong or do you find yourself questioning its existing in your space?

All too often we buy things and bring items into the home because we feel we want them. But really, they are serving as a replacement for something we lack. Whether that void is the result of a missing relationship, stress coping mechanism or something more elusive, it is all too easy to resort to shopping, hoarding and becoming disorganized in an effort to hide from what you really need.

So, what do you do when you’re trying to get back in control of your life and you want to finally clean your space? Invite a friend over, or hire a cleaning guru, so you can have an unbiased third party to keep you on task.

Get Your Friends Involved

As you are going through your home and picking up things, ask your friend or support person why you have it. Ask them if they can tell you why you need that particular item in your life. Pay close attention to their responses. If what they say has value, is beneficial and is a very strong reason for you to keep a particular item, then you need to find a proper place for it to go.

No matter how big or small your space is, if you cannot find a spot for your possessions to go then you need to consider investing in storage or find a new home for those items.

Exercise Self-Control

It is not uncommon for people to want to keep everything they deem sentimental and valuable. What you need to realize is that it isn’t very practical. Holding onto memories is one thing, allowing your life to succumb to clutter and hoarding is completely different.

When you find yourself on the verge of taking another shopping trip to buy something, just ask yourself if that item is a necessity for you to live, breathe, eat or sleep. If it’s not, then exercise a little self-control and leave it behind. Your pride, home and organizational skills will thank you for it in the future. Living more simply is a lifestyle change. It takes time, it takes discipline and requires daily diligence. If you can master the art of saying ‘No’ to yourself, you’ll be living a cleaner, decluttered life in no time.

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