In Transition to a Clutter-Free Existence: Part 1


Do you want to be one of those people who walk around like they’ve got everything together? Do you feel like your untidiness and disorganization is soiling over into other areas of your life like work and relationships? Ask yourself, what is one trait that successful and carefree people have that you admire? The answer should be organization.

Clutter and Hoarding Can Give Way to Chaos

Without organization, those people would find it extremely challenging to get anything done. Clutter doesn’t just invade into personal space, it also finds its way into your mind, leading to disorganized thoughts and unhealthy coping mechanisms. Whether you’ve been wandering around in the dark, afraid to let go of things you own that don’t serve a good purpose or constantly adding to the clutter and chaos in your home in an effort to make yourself feel better about deep rooted issue, now is the time for you to stop. Transform your thinking to improve your mindset, and you will be able to gain more control over life to become organized.

Things Get Easier After the First Step

The hardest part of many tasks is taking the first step, especially when it comes to becoming a neater and more organized individual. Take things slow and start on a small scale. Slowly eliminate items that you that you don’t need or use. If you haven’t used or thought about them in the last few months, toss them out or give them away.

Less Is More

Practice living with less. You might enjoy reading books, but that doesn’t mean you have to fill your home up with hard copies of them. E-books allow you to conveniently store all of your books online and take up zero space in your home. Stop holding onto shows you can no longer fit or haven’t worn in years. They are taking up more than just closet space, they are occupying emotional space in your brain as well.

By reducing the amount of useless stuff you own and store in your home, you can give yourself the freedom you long for to give you the strength, stamina and drive to be more successful in your endeavors.

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