This client was already living a new and beautiful life in another state. Without divulging personal details, this client had been through a myriad of major life transitions and left her home in a whirlwind of disarray. She called me in to get things in order so her Realtor could bring people through the house.

The Realtor AND the client were VERY pleased with the result.

Chrissy 20150511 11_21_42_wmPlease have her start in the kitchen,” was the request the client’s Real Estate Agent made when she heard I was on the job.

Chrissy 20150511 11_20_wmWhile I do NOT claim to do home staging, I will be happy to use what you have on hand to create a beautiful living space.

Chrissy 20150531 112132_wmI got the feeling that when they saw the after pictures of the bedroom they were a little sad to leave the old house behind.

Chrissy 20150519 080148_wm

The hat box and table display I created inside this bedroom closet inspired me to come home and create a little display inside my own closet (my bedroom closet is not pictured here).

The place where all the chaotic magic happens…transformed into a spa. Right?

Chrissy 20150531 112841_wm

My mother would like you to know the BEFORE pictures of this pink bedroom/office that follows look just like my teen-aged bedroom. She’s very happy that I grew up to be so organized.

Chrissy 20150511 12_52_47_wm

Chrissy 20150511 12_48_13_wm

Tranquil, don’t you think?

Chrissy 20150531 111759_wm

Chrissy 20150518 150827wm

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