De-Clutter Support

Most clients need moral support to help them purge their clutter. I can usually assess your situation over the phone, and then schedule a purging session.

When I arrive for your session, we will begin with a short consultation and home tour that will last approximately 15 – 30 minutes.

A purge session is a great solution for clients who need to downsize, are preparing to move into a new home, or have lived in the same home for many, many years, and their accumulated belongings having become overwhelming.

During the purge session, I will help you sort, purge, and temporarily containerize and label your items.

I WILL encourage you to keep the end goal in mind. I MAY ask questions about any items you are struggling with in order to help you make the difficult decisions. The final decision whether or not to keep an item, however, will be YOURS and yours alone. We will work together on a project and provide homework for you to complete between sessions.

Together, we can set project goals and priorities, you will continue to get moral support as I guide and encourage you to keep up the momentum.

I promise I WILL NOT be judgmental in anyway. There is NO NEED for you to be embarrassed about your surroundings or your current situation. I will professionally and compassionately support and assist you during the purge.

Following the purge, I WILL help you create a vision to make your space better organized, more functional, and more appealing. We will discuss what types of storage options will work best for YOU. At this point, you may even discover that it was the purging holding you back, and NOT the organizing. You may also realize that you don’t have the time or desire to complete the organizing. Full Organizing Services, are available to complete the job for you, with or without your involvement. I will personally plan the space, do any needed shopping, and finish the work as you wish.