Full Service Organizing

Using my Full Organizing Services, I will sort and purge your belongings as described under the De-clutter Support System. It is vital that you are involved in the purging process. I will not purge anything without your permission.

Then I will design and implement your newly organized area to meet your needs within your budget. Your presence and involvement in this step, while requested, is not required. This part of the project includes categorizing, shopping if necessary, containerizing, labeling, placement, storing, and presentation of all the items you have decided to keep.

Understanding how to create organizing tools and systems that will work for you is the challenge at this stage. If there are multiple people in in your home or office, each individual will have their own organizing needs and we will have to work to discover how to make systems overlap and work for everyone involved. I will learn about your needs and wishes during our purging sessions. We will organize your new systems based on those needs, and your daily habits and routines.