These clients have experienced the #JOY of working with TIDY BY DESIREE.

“Desiree is a solution oriented organizer that not only accomplishes the task at hand but gently teaches you tips along the way so it can STAY organized. The change in my home is substantial and she has improved so many areas of my family’s daily life including my mental health 🙂 I know that I work better and am more creative in my office and cook better in my kitchen…because everything has a place and I have things I didn’t remember I had! She changed my home while changing my life… So grateful.” – Nicole C., Nashville, TN

“Incredible home organizer. She brings heart and compassion and great ideas. You home isn’t just neat and organized… She leaves it with style and warmth! I highly recommend her!” – Chrissy R., Clarkesville, TN

“Our attic had become impassable – we literally could not walk into it, after years of stuffing everything we wanted to store up there haphazardly. Every time we thought of tackling it, we despaired – until I finally contacted Tidy by Desiree. In TWO AFTERNOONS, DesireĂ© created a ROOM where before there had been an impassable nightmare. The things we still want and need are easily found – and then easily stored away again. The things we really really should not still have (a crib? Really? My youngest is almost 13!) have been disposed of, donated, or recycled. This is the best money we’ve ever spent on our home!!!” – Edith B., Nashville, TN

“Desiree is a superb organizational professional and I think the world of her. She really cares a great deal about how to solve organizational problems thoughtfully. I also think she is a great business person and I trust her judgment.” – Elizabeth S., Nashville, TN

“Bottom-line: I am messy, scattered and unorganized by nature. Thanks to Tidy by Desiree few people know it. Oh…wait…I guess everyone now knows my secret to a cleaner, more organized abode. With Tidy by Desiree, you can appear organized and orderly even if you’re a mess like me. Desiree will even make it seem fun.” – Trice G., Nashville, TN

“Life-changing is not a word you would usually think about using when it comes to organizing your space. But Desiree has an amazing talent for helping busy people simplify and streamline their lives. I would highly recommend her to anyone who’s looking to reset their priorities in life. What she does is truly life-changing.” – Ben V., Nashville, TN

“Desiree worked with my husband, helping him make decisions on organizing his garage and educating him on how to dispose of oils, paints and light bulbs. Thanks,” the wife, Columbia, SC

“Desiree was amazing. She put my life back in order and I’m thrilled at what she accomplished. I was overwhelmed at what all that needed to be done and embarrassed at the condition I allowed my house to get in. She gave me my home back. Now, it truly is a home. Thanks, Desiree!” – Leigh H., Chapel Hill, TN

“She is ready to just get down to work. I struggled with throwing stuff away but she really knew how to help me work through the process and by the end I had a completely clean room and I donated a car full of stuff to an artist community without regret. She offers suggestions. I used a couple and a couple of suggestions I didn’t and that was ok. She wad a little like a therapist:-). I didn’t even know we had worked for 6 hours!!!! The time went by so fast! There was still work to do but she suggested that I could do that on my own so she didn’t have to charge me anymore. I appreciate that!” – Jennifer B., Rockvale, TN

“Desiree is an excellent person to work with. She is professional, timely in her responses, and has a great personality. She helped me get my kitchen back in order. She even researched products that might help but encourages homeowners to use what they already have. She gets to work right away and gets the job done. I highly recommend.” – P. Combs, Nashville, TN