Earlier this year, I took a very part-time gig doing basic cleaning at a local church. Let it be said, openly, once, right here, I am a Buddhist (just kidding, it will come up a LOT). My husband referred me for the job after the church had fired several cleaning companies. It’s going swimmingly, but it is also a HUGE PROJECT. The church is OLD and lovely but it also needs an incredible amount of TLC.  So I go in weekly and do some regular maintenance and then, whenever my husband happens to have a meeting there, I peek into the closets and make plans to reorganize the whole lot.

They pay me for the cleaning, but the organizing I’ll be doing as a work of charity.

An act of charity that will take a WHILE.

Woodland 20150601 20264_wm
I clean. Oh do I ever clean…damn.

Woodland 20150601 202717_wm

“This closet has looked this way for YEARS!!”
This is what they told me on the day my stepdaughter and I spent 30 minutes organizing this closet.

I kinda love this.



…stay tuned for more updates to THE WOODLAND PROJECT.

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